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Adventure meets adversity as you battle in exotic lands not yet discovered...


Greeting, explorers...

Welcome to Child Arms — a 2D sword-fighting adventure. Drawing inspiration from games such as the very popular Punch-Out!! and the Neo Geo cult classic Crossed Swords, you will strike, block, and even parry attacks in this one-on-one split-screen fighter. Grab your weapons and prepare for combat as you venture into a past wherein childhood is more than it seems, and carries far more responsibility than you knew.


And so your journey begins...

In this alternate version of the 16th century, evolution has deemed it so that each and every citizen remains youthful for decades, while still facing all the challenges of adulthood. It is these long-lived children who take up arms during the Age of Exploration, cutting a path through uncharted territories and testing their mettle in skirmishes against fellow travelers along the way.

Choose from a diverse cast of 8 champions, including: a Persian king who has lost his kingdom; a brave but melancholic Celtic lass; or a Roman legionnaire who is centuries out of his time. Become a master of your champion's special skills!


Compete in exciting game modes and be creative in custom editors...

Battle your way through arcade mode and be rewarded with character-specific endings. In versus mode, you can go head-to-head with a friend, or challenge an opponent online. Take a break from victory with exciting mini games, or train your battle skills in practice mode.

Show off your own warrior style with the color editor, and create your own custom color combinations. Imagine the fiercest enemy to test your moves with the AI editor.